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Affinity designer art gallery free download. 5 brilliant examples of artwork created in Affinity Designer

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You can own Affinity Photo for just $ on Windows or Mac or $ on iPad — subscription free. Buy now. Own the award-winning photo editing software today. Check out the complete feature list and system requirements for Affinity Designer to see how it’s revolutionising the way thousands of designers and.


23 Affinity Designer Brushes for Your Digital Masterpieces – The Designest.Affinity Photo for iPad – real photo editing for iPad


You can now develop RAW files non-destructively, which means you can go back to change your develop settings at anytime, even after adding additional layers or adjustments to your file.

Choose to embed into a document file or link externally to reduce file size. Easily combine multiple mask layers together non-destructively using add, intersect, subtract and XOR operations.

This means separate masks you have created can be maintained non-destructively while creating new masks based on those component parts. Want an image or file to be distorted to match the surface of an underlying template? Now you can apply a non-destructive warp to make that happen, and go back to edit whenever you like. It is highly effective for mock-up work, where you might place document files and composite them onto surfaces such as book or magazine pages.

Adjust lighting information baked into existing normal maps. Great as a standalone feature for texture artists, but also allows the editing of lighting layers generated from 3D render software. Build lots of powerful, non-destructive workflows with new Live Masks which update automatically based on the properties of the underlying image.

Create a mask based on a specific colour in your image, allowing you to apply adjustments, effects or just paint on the automatically generated mask for your chosen hue.

Band-Pass creates a mask focused around edges within an image. This has wide uses for retouchers who work on different frequency layers, but also enables the creation of artistic effects. Mask specific luminosity ranges, for example, specific ranges of highlights or shadows or anything in between to apply controlled adjustments to those areas. A powerful feature that allows you to save different visibility states of your layer stack to quickly review different design options or versions of your work.

Either create a manual layer state to save your layer visibility as it currently is or smart layer states which let you specify whether you want to turn layers on or off based on one or more of the following filter criteria: layer colour tag, layer type, layer name and lock status.

JPEG XL support now allows you to export to a format which is being more and more supported—particularly by web browsers—meaning what you see in Affinity Photo can now be consumed by others. Combine separate Publisher documents as chapters to create one long publication, automatically syncing page numbers, table of contents, indexes and styles throughout—an especially useful feature for collaboration, as contributors can work on their own sections individually before bringing it all together.

Available in desktop version only. Create a single layout that automatically repeats across your document until all desired images are accommodated. Plus, with the ability to choose a repeat count for images, you can set up advanced templates so that in the future you can instantly produce multiple variants in only a few clicks.

Even if the source file is changed, your layer visibility settings will be maintained. Pick style of any object or text on your page and drop it onto any other objects or passages of text easily desktop only. The handling of memory for large documents, particularly with lots of large placed files and images, has been reengineered, resulting in significant performance improvements.

While the iPad versions of all the apps will see nearly all the new feature additions mentioned above, they will also see their own special enhancements to the UI, including:. Gain instant access to clipboard options and nine customisable shortcut operations with a simple three-finger swipe.

New mode available for the layers and brush panel allows you to keep these panels open while maximising document real estate. All iPad apps are now optimised to take advantage of the increased memory limits available since iPadOS Customers of iPadOS 16 will also get the added benefit of the new virtual memory swap — dramatically increasing performance on very large documents.

The app icons for Affinity V2 can be downloaded here. To ensure the apps are focused on the latest advances in operating system versions possible the minimum operating system requirements for Affinity V2 is as follows. Images Download. John Atkin Head of PR john serif. Graphic Design Logo.

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