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Emergency flasher switch 6. Car audio 7. Rear window and outside rear view mirror defoggers switch 8. Engine coolant temperature gauge 4. Speedometer 7. Tachometer 2. Service reminder indicators and 5. Odometer and two trip meters 8. Trip meter reset knob indicator lights 6. Low fuel level warning light 3. Engine immobiliser system.

Sub key gray —This key will not work To protect things locked in the glove box number. Since the door can be locked without a key, you should always carry a spare master key in case you accidentally lock your keys inside the vehicle. Page 18 If you should lose your keys or if you need additional keys, duplicates can be made by a Toyota dealer using the key number. We recommend you to write down the key number and keep it in safe place. Page Engine Immobiliser System The indicator light will go off.

However, there is a limit to the number of additional keys your Toyota dealer can make for you. To lock: Push the switch on the front side. To unlock: Push the switch on the rear side. Along with the proper use of seat belts, locking the doors helps prevent the driver and passengers from being thrown out from the ve- hicle during an accident.

You can switch the beep on and off. The the doors, or activate the theft Pushing the switch twice within 3 seconds beep is on initially and after battery re Page Power Windows After replacing battery, check that the transmitter operates properly. If the trans- mitter still does not operate properly, con- tact your Toyota dealer.

The window will fully open. This not only keeps the luggage from being thrown out but also pre- Always make sure the head, hands vents exhaust gases from entering and other parts of the body of all the vehicle.

After closing the trunk lid, insert the seat, pull up on the lock release lever. Never leave children unattended in the vehicle. Unsupervised children may lock themselves in the vehicle or trunk and suffer serious injuries or death. Page 32 Open the trunk with the key. If the system does not work properly, have it checked by your Toyota dealer.

To open the fuel filler door, pull the 2. To remove the fuel tank cap, turn is on the left side of your vehicle. Page Electric Moon Roof To operate the moon roof, use the several times. If the indicator lamp does switch beside the personal light.

Front seats. Page Seats Consult try sliding it forward and backward sengers stand move your Toyota dealer. Severe inju- Do not use accessories tion. Then slide the seat to the desired the moving parts. Move the control switch in the desired direction. The seat belts provide maxi- mum protection in a frontal or rear collision when the driver and the pas- senger are sitting up straight and well back in the seats.

Page Head Restraints Seat belts— Head restraints —Seat belt precautions For your safety and comfort, adjust the Toyota strongly urges that the driver and head restraint before driving. Page 44 Section 5. Toyota recommends the death in the event of sudden braking Replace the belt assembly includ- use of a seat belt.

Ask your doctor for or a collision. Page 45 It also may normally, immediately contact your lock if you lean forward too quickly. A Toyota dealer. Do not use the seat until the seat belt is fixed. It cannot slow, easy motion will allow the belt to extend, and you can move around freely. The belt should be serious injuries due to sliding un- Too high kept away from your neck, but not der the lap belt during a collision falling off your shoulder.

Page 47 Please contact your local Toyota dealer so nally intended for. Bring the heaviest coat you expect to wear for prop- er measurement and selection of length. Page 48 If the seat belt does not function normally, immediately contact your Toyota dealer. It cannot This gas is harm- less and does not indicate that a fire is occurring.

Page 50 Repairs on or near the front seat belt retractor assemblies This front seat belt pretensioner system In the following cases, contact your Toyota z Modification of the suspension sys- has a service reminder indicator to inform dealer as soon as possible: the driver of operating problems. Page Srs Driver And Front Passenger Airbags Toyota strongly recommends that: The driver sit as far back as pos- sible from the steering wheel while still maintaining control of the ve- hicle.

The front passenger sit as far back as possible from the dashboard. Page 54 Toyota tems. The front seat occupants can be killed or seriously injured by the strongly recommends that all in- inflating airbags if they do not wear Page 57 Attachment of a grille guard bull indicates a malfunction of the airbags.

In the following cases, contact your Toyota The SRS Supplemental Restraint Sys- dealer as soon as possible: tem side airbags are designed to pro- vide further protection for the driver To avoid potential death or serious injury when they inflate, the driver and front passenger must: Wear their seat belts properly. Remain properly seated with their back upright and against the seat at all times. Page 61 Toyota belt systems.

To ensure maximum protection in an accident, the driver strongly recommends that all in- and all passengers in the vehicle fants and children be placed in the rear seat of the vehicle and proper- must wear their seat belts properly. Page 62 Modification of the suspension sys- injury. Consult your Toyota dealer if you consider modifications of this Do not attach a cup holder or any kind. Page 63 Toyota dealer.

This side airbag system has In the following cases, contact your Toyota service reminder indicator to inform the dealer as soon as possible: driver of operating problems. If either of The SRS side airbags have been in A Infant seat B Convertible seat C Booster seat Install the child restraint system following the instructions provided by its manufac- turer. Page 68 1. Run the lap and shoulder belt through 2.

Fully extend the shoulder belt to put it Toyota dealer immediately. Do not or around the infant seat following the in the lock mode. When the belt is use the seat until the seat belt is While pressing the infant seat firmly 4. The belt will Push and pull the child restraint sys- it will go to hold the infant seat secure- move freely again and be ready to Page 71 Contact your 1. Run the lap and shoulder belt through Toyota dealer immediately. Fully extend the shoulder belt to put it 3.

When the belt is firmly against the seat cushion and then retracted even slightly, it cannot seatback, let the shoulder belt retract Push and pull the child restraint sys- be extended. The belt will ing position only. Page 75 Contact your Toyota dealer immediately. Securely fasten the child restraint tray behind the rear seat to attach the top system with the seat belt. Outside anchor brackets only— strap. It may cause the driver to mishandle the vehicle and an accident may occur resulting in death or serious inju- ries.

After adjusting the steering wheel, try moving it up and down to make sure it is locked in position. It may cause the driver to mishandle the vehicle and an accident may occur resulting in death or serious injuries. Since the mirror surfaces can get hot, keep your hands off them when the defogger switch is on. To adjust a mirror, use the switches. Adjust the mirror so that you can just see the rear of your vehicle in the mir- 1. It may cause the the sun visor when the visor is in the driver to mishandle the vehicle and position 1.

Type B only—The vanity light comes on when you open the cover. Emergency flashers. Pull the lever to- turn signal lever up or down to position All the turn signal lights will flash.

To adjust the brightness of the instru- To turn on the interior light, slide the ment panel lights, turn the knob. After all the doors are closed, the light remains on for about 15 seconds and then goes out.

If the windshield wipers are off, they will operate a couple of times after the washer squirts. Engine coolant temperature gauge. Page Fuel Gauge Fill the fuel tank immediately. The indicator lamp goes off after driving several times. If the indicator lamp does not go off, contact your Toyota dealer as Low fuel level soon as possible. Towing a trailer.

The thermostat is designed to con- trol the flow of coolant to keep the temperature of the engine within Take vehicle to Toyota dealer. To reset the trip meter A to zero, dis- play the meter A reading, then push Fasten seat belt. Page 95 When the parking brake is applied Page 96 It is not designed to drive belt is broken or loose.

After about 6 seconds, Toyota dealer as soon as possible to light turns off after a few seconds. Toyota – Auto – camry-cng-manual. Toyota – Camry – Sales Brochure – – Brochure 17 Pages. Other Manuals 32 Pages. Other Manuals 8 Pages. Brochure 13 Pages. Toyota – Camry – Sales Brochure – – French. Brochure 7 Pages. Toyota – Camry – Wiring Diagram – 1. Other Manuals 56 Pages. Other Manuals 5 Pages. Other Manuals 27 Pages.

Brochure 29 Pages. Other Manuals 26 Pages. Toyota – Camry – Wiring Diagram – 4. Other Manuals 73 Pages. Other Manuals 7 Pages. Toyota – Camry – Workshop Manual – 3. Other Manuals 9 Pages.

Other Manuals 14 Pages. Toyota – Camry – Workshop Manual – 7. Other Manuals 10 Pages. Toyota – Camry – Workshop Manual – 4. Toyota – Camry – Wiring Diagram – 6. Other Manuals 44 Pages. Other Manuals 6 Pages. Toyota – Camry – Wiring Diagram – 5. Other Manuals 43 Pages. Other Manuals 4 Pages. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Toyota Camry Manuals & Warranties | Toyota Owners

Pages·· MB·7, Downloads·New! Toyota 3S-FE L VALVE DOHC EFI Engine Repair Manual [RM] (for some Camry, Rav4, Ave. Download Toyota Camry Owner’s Manual in PDF version. The owner’s manual. Designed to help you better understand your vehicle. Pages·· MB·2, Downloads·New! Toyota/Lexus AE and AH Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Repair Manual [RMU] (for some.


2001 toyota camry owners manual free download

Find everything you need to know about your Toyota Camry in the Manuals & Warranties from Toyota Owners. Toyota Camry – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 4 Feb, by Cowabunga. Model: Toyota Camry Download from Online Viewer.