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Windows server 2012 datacenter to standard free. How to Downgrade Windows Server Datacenter to Standard Edition?

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Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. The process of moving to Windows Server R2 might vary greatly depending on which operating system you are starting with and the pathway you take.

We use the following terms to distinguish among different actions, any of which could be involved in a new Windows Server R2 deployment. Installation is the basic concept of getting the new operating system on your hardware. Specifically, a clean installation requires deleting the previous operating system. Upgrade means moving from your existing operating system release to a more recent release, while staying on the same hardware. For example, if your server is running Windows Server , you can upgrade it to Windows Server R2.

You can upgrade from an evaluation version of the operating system to a retail version, from an older retail version to a newer version, or, in some cases, from a volume-licensed edition of the operating system to an ordinary retail edition. License conversion in some operating system releases, you can convert a particular edition of the release to another edition of the same release in a single step with a simple command and the appropriate license key.

Migration means moving from your existing operating system to Windows Server R2 by transferring to a different set of hardware. The table below briefly summarizes which already licensed that is, not evaluation Windows operating systems can be upgraded to which editions of Windows Server R2.

In-place upgrades from bit to bit architectures are not supported. All editions of Windows Server R2 are bit only. Upgrades from pre-release versions of Windows Server R2 are not supported. Perform a clean installation to Windows Server R2. If you do not see your current version in the left column, upgrading to this release of Windows Server R2 is not supported.

If you see more than one edition in the right column, upgrade to either edition from the same starting version is supported.

Even in supported upgrade paths from previous retail versions to Windows Server R2, certain server roles that are already installed might require additional preparation or actions for the role to continue functioning after the upgrade. Consult the specific TechNet Library topics for each server role you intend to install for details of additional steps that might be required. Similarly, you can convert the evaluation version of Windows Server R2 Datacenter to the retail version.

Before you attempt to convert from evaluation to retail, verify that your server is actually running an evaluation version. To do this, do either of the following:. From an elevated command prompt, run slmgr. From the Start screen, open Control Panel. Open System and Security , and then System. View Windows activation status in the Windows activation area of the System page.

Click View details in Windows activation for more information about your Windows activation status. If you have already activated Windows, the Desktop shows the time remaining in the evaluation period. For Windows Server Essentials: You can convert to the full retail version by entering a retail, volume license, or OEM key in the command slmgr.

If the server is running an evaluation version of Windows Server Standard or Windows Server Datacenter, you can convert it to a retail version as follows:. If the server is a domain controller, you cannot convert it to a retail version. In this case, install an additional domain controller on a server that runs a retail version and remove AD DS from the domain controller that runs on the evaluation version. Make note of the edition ID, an abbreviated form of the edition name.

The server will restart twice. For the evaluation version of Windows Server Standard, you can also convert to the retail version of Windows Server Datacenter in one step using this same command and the appropriate product key. For more information about Dism. At any time after installing Windows Server , you can freely convert it between a volume-licensed version, a retail version, or an OEM version.

The edition remains the same during this conversion. Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Download Microsoft Edge More info. Table of contents Exit focus mode.

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Windows server 2012 datacenter to standard free

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