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How to add Windows 10 Home edition to a domain? – Microsoft Community.How To Set Up A New PC Without A Microsoft Account | Bruceb Consulting

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Now, Gates and his consortium are working funding on a Covid solution. What disease has a non scientist, non doctor eradicated? Thanks so much for your article!! Many people here mention trouble with OneDrive and various MS accounts. No OneDrive, no headaches. Can you start over in the start up process. This really helped me as I have a user who accidentally signed in with a local account and is not able to do anything Microsoft wise Thus has helped me for future builds.

Good write up and very helpful if you are setting up from scratch. If you already have a fully functioning system that was setup with a Microsoft Account there are still options for making the switch to a Local Account but they are not always pretty. Also, if the system is managed by a domain policy it is very likely that you will not have any of the options listed below.

All you should need to do after that is stop logging in with the Microsoft Account and start logging in with the Local Account. Of course, the side-effect of doing this after you have your desktop, applications, etc all setup is that you will need to do it all again and you will need to be careful about disk space.

Especially if you store a lot of data in OneDrive and keep local copies. As mentioned, Microsoft does not make the idea of a Local Account a simple path any longer. There are many benefits to this but it also adds in a huge number of flaws in the communication mechanisms. I consult for multiple large entities and every one of them force me to have a domain account and use their login services.

Logistics hell. Sorry for rambling. Once again, great write-up for a new setup. Just wanted to add that there are other alternatives after the Microsoft Account is already configured. Good write-up! Thanks for taking the time. Moving files and settings from one profile to another can be quite a chore.

Lots of things change when Windows 10 Pro is joined to a domain. I am encountering this problem but the next part of the problem. I work for a small not for profit and we suddently and rapidly have to expand the number of laptops so everyone can work at home and socially isolate. Microsofts driving me mad. Last year was the first series of giant problems I had, I work for multiple clients and found the work I was doing for one meant had addded their business office email address to my outlook which was a home office version, suddenly the licences were in conflict and i was having all kinds of problems because microsoft was making heirachy decisions about my laptop on my behalf.

Thank you so much for your help! My dear 75 year old friend has bought a new Dell with Windows 10 experiencing similar issues. She as been forced to set up an account with MS. She does not want to have to login to the laptop every time she want to use it, so she understands that she did not set up a password for access. Total confusion all around.

Before we discovered this, I tried to set up a Windows 10 Mail account using her own domain email and I could not work out how to get incoming server to work, using correct protocols in place? Option to allow exceptions access in Firewall was greyed out.

Disabled McFee — no change. I and with Retirebri here, particularly for older users used to years and years of easy access and no MS account to confuse them. I hope MS are listening, and stores who sell laptops to the domestic market. Fantastic article and thank you for sharing the idiosyncrasies about Windows Late last year, I purchased a new windows 10 desktop and using various guides, and even being connected to the Internet, I somehow managed to get an Admin account without a Microsoft account.

However, when I installed a licensed copy of Office student edition Excel Word and PowerPoint and used the product key provided, Microsoft did not seem to accept the product key. The product worked okay so I put it down to a glitch. Having investigated further, appears that you have to have a Microsoft account to link the Office product with the computer.

Has anyone else come across this problem? She could not set up the account to get it started and even the guys at Dell could not help after 2 hours on the phone. We were about ready to give up and send the computer back for a refund when I tried to get it started using my Microsoft account. I had set it up on my laptop a couple of years ago without problem. So far, so good but do not know if it will present a future problem. No way will Microsoft get even a penny out of me on the account.

I used my work microsoft account, not realising what was about to happen. I cannot log in as a local user. I can create one, but that user does not show up when starting up. I just want to log in as a local administrator account. It goes on about bitlocker recovery — what even is that. Is there any way? Or do I need to re-install windows? This is a waste of life. I truly deeply hate the people who work for Microsoft with every fiber of my being.

How do they even sleep at night knowing what pathetic scum they are? Not all employees are using the pimping-out our rights-to-privacy guidebook. I walked right into this one with an added problem. I am already part of an Office account via my work, so every time I now try to open any Office package it links to my work account not my personal account and I do not seem to be able to break free.

The additional problem is that anything I do on my home laptop defaults to saving to the One Cloud, but not my personal one, the corporate one. This means that my employer gets a copy of all my family photos and any letters I write which may be about my employer! This is great for work stuff but not for anything I want to keep for myself and my family. Not having read this piece until too late, and encountering these problems, I ended up buying a separate version of Office that does not force me to save to OneDrive, but I have to keep downloading it as the laptop keeps defaulting back to the Office versions of all the software.

Despite the fact that even two weeks on I still cannot effectively use my laptop, I am very resentful of a US company trying to shape my life and how it is lived. I am bitter at all the useless apps it shovels at me, that have no relevance to my life and yet I struggle to open Word and use it in a normal way.

Brilliant … I jsut want to be able to specify where One Drive is located without all the faff of having to unlink and relink the account. Also now Ive read this I realise thats why I havnt been able to set up an admin account!! So a massive thankyou!! Thanks for the tip, and a big middle finger to Microsoft for creating this mess in the first place. So glad I found this advice! Very easy after that and everything is working fine. I am so damn tired of this BS! I just want to have a running computer to show the customer.

I would assume that if you wanted to get it ready for a customer so they could see it as a working computer you should work on it in Audit mode instead of going through the OOBE out of the box experience.

If you reset the PC and set up a local account, you can do it without a password — just leave the password field blank. Is there something we can do without needing to take the computer to a shop? It may require hands on work by someone in a shop.

The option might be available from that screen to reset the PC, basically returning it to its state when it was new out of the box. But it might be tough without credentials for an admin account, which makes the next step to reinstall from a USB stick. She might be stuck making the drive. Today we got in an HP to setup and it gave me no such option.

I found this forum too late and I had already established wifi connection. The solution was to try and log in to a Microsoft account using random entries on the input. It will obviously tell you there is no account for that address or password wrong. Did this twice and it let me make a local account. I was able to set up with a local account by using this trick.

Thank you for this — Microsoft more and more seem to be inhabiting a different and ugly planet, communicating only with their fellow aliens. There must be room for some new company to set up and replace them — and the sooner the better.

And what about setting the computer up for resale? Just make sure you leave the computer disconnected from any network during the setup. I agree. If Microsoft is willing to provide free home internet services or pay the ISP for people, then they can force people to setup a new computer using a Microsoft Account. Plus numerous people are not interested in the Microsoft Account, nor want to use the Microsoft Store to purchase any products.

Also, they should not make money out of people by not supporting or making the old version of Windows i. They should make things easier for people without costing them more. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What is Microsoft doing to hide that option? How to set up a new PC without a Microsoft account Do not connect a new computer to the network during setup!

Why set up a new PC with a local account? What is Microsoft doing to hide the local account option? In the most recent version of Windows, now shipping with new computers, the screen has changed. M on March 6, at pm. Bevan on March 24, at pm. Bruce Berls on March 25, at am. Janae on October 26, at am. Bruce Berls on October 26, at am. There are four ways to set up a Windows PC. Liz on February 12, at am. Thank you, thank you. Travis on January 20, at am.

Thanks for this info. Alan on December 20, at am. John Cogburn on August 23, at pm. Hi, I appreciate the tips and advice in your article. On a PC with Windows 10 and Microsoft , can it be set up to be that simple? Bruce Berls on August 23, at pm. Bren on July 15, at am.

Bonni Fisler on July 14, at pm. Jay on August 18, at am. William Jackston on September 21, at pm. Mark Peters on December 19, at pm. Melanie Moore on February 18, at am. Bruce Berls on February 18, at am.

Na on May 27, at am. Vincent LaVallee on November 4, at am. David Shepard on December 4, at am. Therese Swartz on May 16, at pm. Chris on June 13, at am. Roy D Blume on June 14, at am. Bruce Berls on June 14, at am. Angel on June 27, at am. Wanda on April 24, at pm. Bruce, Good write up and very helpful if you are setting up from scratch.

The next new pain: Of course, the side-effect of doing this after you have your desktop, applications, etc all setup is that you will need to do it all again and you will need to be careful about disk space.

Bruce Berls on April 8, at pm. Best to-the-point article on this subject!!! Deeply frustrated semi competent on March 21, at pm. The Metasploit Framework is the most commonly-used framework for hackers worldwide. It allows hackers to set up listeners that create a conducive environment referred to as a Meterpreter to manipulate compromised machines.

We will do this through a malicious executable file, using Shellter. This article assumes the installation of Kali Linux has been done and is reachable through a bridged connection from a Windows machine on VirtualBox. To create the executable, you would use msfvenom as shown in the command below:.

The command instructs msfvenom to generate a bit Windows executable file that implements a reverse TCP connection for the payload. The format must be specified as being type. To obtain our IP address, we use the ifconfig command within Kali, specifying the interface as eth0 since we are on Ethernet :. The screenshot below shows the output of the command on successful. Antivirus solutions work by detecting malicious signatures within executables. Our file will thus be flagged as malicious once within the Windows environment.

We have to figure out a way to modify it to bypass antivirus detection. We will encode it to make it fully undetectable, or FUD. Note that antiviruses also check the behavior of executables and employ techniques such as heuristics scanning, so they are not just limited to checking for signatures.

During our lab tests, we discovered that Windows Defender which ships by default with Windows 10 flagged the executable six out of the ten times we used Shellter to perform the encoding.

This is despite Windows 10 being a fresh download with latest patches applied! You will be better off purchasing Shellter Pro or any pro crypter or writing your own crypter to avoid antivirus flagging your executables. Also note that when writing your own, disable automatic submissions. Otherwise, whatever you write if detected as potentially-unwanted software will be uploaded by your antivirus for analysis … And we both know how that will end.

On your Kali Linux, download Shellter with the command below:. You will be required to enter the absolute path to the executable to make FUD. Shellter will then initialize and run some checks. It will then prompt you whether to run in stealth mode. The next prompt will require you to enter the payload, either a custom or a listed one. Select the index position of the payload to use. Shellter will run to completion and request you to press Enter.

At this point, the executable you provided will have been made undetectable to antivirus solutions. Again, note that you are better off writing your own or purchasing a crypter that is constantly being revised.

Otherwise, most of your encoding will be flagged as malicious or potentially unwanted software. We now need to set up a listener on the port we determined within the executable. We do this by launching Metasploit, using the command msfconsole on the Kali Linux terminal.

The screenshot below shows what commands to issue within Metasploit. The screenshot below displays the output. The reverse TCP handler should begin waiting for a connection. The next step is to execute it from a Windows perspective. In a real-world practical situation, this will require social engineering skills. Nevertheless, copy the something32 to a Windows system within the same network as the Kali system.

On copying the file to our target Windows machine, we have the screenshot below. Execute the file. The executable causes the payload to be executed and connect back to the attacking machine Kali Linux. Immediately, we receive a Meterpreter session on our Kali Linux. This can be confirmed by running the getuid command, which tells us that we are running as user l3s7r0z. In order to gain sufficient rights, we need to perform a UAC bypass.

Privilege escalation allows us to elevate privileges from our less privileged user l3s7r0z to a more privileged one — preferably the SYSTEM user, which has all administrative rights. Metasploit by default provides us with some methods that allow us to elevate our privileges.

On the Meterpreter prompt, we use the getsystem command, as shown below:. Since the methods used by getsystem all fail, we need an alternative method of elevating privileges.



windows 10 hacked and joined to a domain – Microsoft Community

Jan 18,  · Windows Server Essentials & SBS expert. any home edition of windows 7 or above can „join” an essentials network (note I didn’t say domain). the connector provides some authentication passthru from the home OS to the domain. client backup will function, but no group policy will work. you’ll have to keep passwords in sync manually. Domain Hack free download – Sygate Personal Firewall, No-IP DUC (Dynamic DNS Update Client), Clock Domain MZ, and many more programs. A domain hack is a clever trick to get an available domain name by replacing part of a keyword either with a country-code domain (ccTLD) such (Germany) or with one of the new generic top-level domains (gTLD) such A result might be , where 'SPICES’ is the keyword is the ccTLD of Spain.